Why Invest?

VersaBank is a Canadian Schedule I Bank with a branchless, business-to-business partner model that leverages our proprietary technology to provide innovative solutions that address unmet needs in the banking market.

Because both our deposit and lending solutions are high-value add for our partners, we are able to realize the highest net interest margins in the Canadian banking sector and generate outstanding profits, with a conservative risk profile.

Through the successful launch of our innovative offerings, we achieved five consecutive years of growth in net income through the end of fiscal 2019, with a compounded annual growth rate of 29%.

We are the bank of the future…today…as we have been for more than a quarter century…but we are just getting started. With a highly-scalable, highly-efficient business model, ultra-low-cost deposit funding, and more than $2 billion of additional capacity ready for deployment, VersaBank is well positioned for outsized long-term growth.