Custom Web-based Chequing Accounts

Introducing A Powerful Integrated Banking Solution for Insolvency Professionals:

VersaBank and Canada’s two largest Insolvency Software providers have joined forces to change the way estate banking is managed.

After numerous consultations with Insolvency Industry Professionals we have developed a unique, customized banking solution specifically designed to resolve your banking headaches and add significant value to your day-to-day operations.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency with an Integrated Solution to Banking and File Administration
  2. Streamline Deposits
    • Pre-Authorized Debits (PADs)
    • Reduce input errors and duplication of work. Debtor information and payment schedule are completed in the insolvency software system – NOT a separate banking application
    • Deposits are accepted at any RBC branch in Canada
  3. Easier Access to Cleared Cheques
    • Images of cleared items available immediately through On-line Web Banking
    • Images of cleared items (front & back) provided with monthly statement; ordered by cheque number
  4. Automated Bank Statement Reconciliation
    • No more manual matching process. Banking transaction data can be imported directly to the system – daily, weekly or monthly to match your needs
  5. Enhanced Return Item Processing
    • Automated Returned Item processing for PAD transactions
    • Detailed returned item information is available immediately through the On-line Web Banking Site and is printed directly on the bank statement
  6. Secure On-line Web Banking Site
    • Direct access to the banking information you need, when you need it
    • Site is purpose built for the Insolvency Industry, resulting in logical, user-friendly navigation
  7. No Fees
    • Reduce costs, improve your ‘bottom line’
  8. Exceptional Personalized Service
    • Single point of contact for all queries
    • Knowledgeable service team dedicated to providing solutions to the Insolvency Industry’s specific needs

Deposit Insurance

VersaBank is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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