Why Invest?

$ 0 .20B ¹

Total Assets

$ 0 M ²

Revenue (TTM)

$ 0 M ³

Net Income (TTM)

0 %

EPS Growth (FY YoY)

0 %

(45% excluding DRTC) Efficiency Ratio (Q4/23)

0 .58%

(FY 11.75%) ||| Return on Common Equity (Q4/23)

0 %

Net Income Growth (FY)

$ 0 .57


  1. At Oct. 31/23
  2. 2023 fiscal year.
  3. Q4/2023: Year end exit rate.

The Intrinsic Value of a Bank with the Operating Leverage and High Growth Potential of a Technology Company

As a branchless, digital, partner (business-to-business)-based North American bank, VersaBank offers investors the intrinsic value of a highly risk-mitigated bank with the operating leverage and high growth potential of a technology company.

With its recent trajectory of strong, steady growth in its loan portfolio, VersaBank is currently at an inflection point for operating leverage. Expected continued strong portfolio growth in Canada is expected to drive outsized increases in efficiency, profitability and Return on Common Equity.

Expected to further propel growth is the pending acquisition of a national U.S. bank that will enable broad entry into U.S. market and is expected to propel further loan portfolio growth. VersaBank has already launched its innovative and highly attractive B2B financing solution in the estimated $1.8 trillion U.S. on a limited basis, with favourable results to date.

In addition to this compelling proposition for its digital banking operations, VersaBank investors also benefit a “free option” on VersaBank’s valuation through its wholly owned, profitable cybersecurity subsidiary, DRT Cyber, Inc. DRT Cyber is one of North America’s premier information technology security assurance services firms, providing corporate and government clients with a suite of IT security assurance services.