About DRT

DRT Cyber deploys technology solutions to support the functions of cybersecurity, privacy, and risk management. We believe that safety comes from the relentless pursuit of adaptation. In the information age, the speed of threats continues to accelerate beyond what any single company can handle alone. We must optimize and innovate faster than our opponents to keep our partners safe.

As an InfoSec partner to some of the largest retailers, financial institutions, and public agencies in North America, we understand that the combination of great people and powerful technology is the best way to supercharge your defenses. Using unconventional thinking and proprietary technology, DRT Cyber will ensure your organization understands and mitigates threats known and yet to be developed.

DRT Cyber is a subsidiary of VersaBank and has offices in Washington, DC, Texas and Ontario 

Our vision is to provide governments and corporate organizations with a comprehensive suite of effective solutions that addresses the four fundamental components of cyber security: Assessment, Detection, Prevention and Privacy.