LONDON, ON, June 17, 2024 /CNW/ - VersaBank (TSX: VBNK) (NASDAQ: VBNK), a North American leader in business-to-business digital banking, as well as technology solutions for cybersecurity, today announced it has appointed Glenn Campbell as Advisor to its Board of Directors. Mr. Campbell will be available to advise VersaBank's Board on a number of matters to ensure the Bank is well positioned for its proposed entry into the United States.

"Mr. Campbell has a significant depth and breadth of experience, including on cross-border matters, from which the Board of Directors will benefit as VersaBank builds on its foundation as Canada's most entrepreneurial bank through its plan to broadly enter the U.S. market," said The Hon. Thomas A. Hockin, Chair of the Board of Directors of VersaBank. "I look forward to Mr. Campbell's additional perspective and counsel at this important and exciting time in VersaBank's history."

Mr. Campbell has more than 30 years of experience with the Canadian federal government in a variety of roles that are relevant to the continuing evolution of VersaBank, particularly in financial sector policy and corporate governance. Most recently, Mr. Campbell served more than seven years with Infrastructure Canada in a variety of roles, including Senior Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for private investment and portfolio Crown corporations and was Executive Director of the office to stand up the Canada Infrastructure Bank. Prior thereto, Mr. Campbell served for over 15 years with Finance Canada in a variety of increasingly senior roles, including in financial sector policy such as Director General, Financial Institutions, responsible for banking and insurance legislation and trade in financial services as well as country dialogues, including with the United States. He was also Director General, International Policy and Analysis, Trade and Finance, supporting G20 policy coordination and Canada's governance roles in international financial institutions, such as IMF and OECD. During his tenure with Finance Canada, Mr. Campbell spent four years as the Finance Canada Representative and Consul in New York City.

About VersaBank

VersaBank is a Canadian Schedule I chartered (federally licensed) bank with a difference. VersaBank became the world's first fully digital financial institution when it adopted its highly efficient business-to-business model in 1993 using its proprietary state-of-the-art financial technology to profitably address underserved segments of the Canadian banking market in the pursuit of superior net interest margins while mitigating risk. VersaBank obtains all of its deposits and provides the majority of its loans and leases electronically, with innovative deposit and lending solutions for financial intermediaries that allow them to excel in their core businesses. In addition, leveraging its internally developed IT security software and capabilities, VersaBank established wholly owned, Washington, DC-based subsidiary, DRT Cyber Inc. to pursue significant large-market opportunities in cyber security and develop innovative solutions to address the rapidly growing volume of cyber threats challenging financial institutions, multi-national corporations and government entities on a daily basis.

VersaBank's Common Shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") and Nasdaq under the symbol VBNK. Its Series 1 Preferred Shares trade on the TSX under the symbol VBNK.PR.A.

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