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Instant-Mortgage App Coming Soon!

VersaBank will be launching our newly developed high-volume Mortgage App called Instant-Mortgage. With a few easy steps, applicants can complete a quick and easy application electronically and know on the spot if they are pre-approved for financing and for what amount. This is the tool builders and home buyers have been waiting for to reduce the lengthy, time-consuming and often frustrating process of getting approved for financing.

Instant-Mortgage can find mortgage solutions for the following:

  • Purchase of primary residence
  • Purchase of a second property
  • Refinance existing mortgage
  • CMHC insured mortgage
  • Pre-construction mortgage
  • Mortgage switch
  • Multi-unit dwelling mortgage (1 to 4 units)

Stay tuned on our website for further updates regarding the launch of VersaBank’s Instant-Mortgage App.